==The Shinkiba is a very bulky animal with a distinctive appearence with two huge saber-shaped tusks. Originally a quite peaceful herbivore and a quite popular pet, it was bred into a more aggressive species for illegal pit fights.==

Tipo Planeta Sweat Tame Stb Cut Imp Pen Shr Brn Cld Acd Elc
Animal Calypso Sim Não 100

Maturidades Edit

Maturidade Level Health Damage Agil Intl Psyc Stam Strg
Young 2 Puny Minimal 25 4 2 3 45
Mature 3 Frail Minimal 15 3 2 7 45
Old 4 Weak Small 17 4 2 9 46
Provider 4 Weak Small 18 4 2 13 45
Guardian 5 Medium Small 20 4 2 18 47
Dominant 7 Tough Limited 30 5 2 30 100
Old Alpha


Nome da Missão Obj. # Obj. Menor Maturidade Maior Maturidade
Hunting Challenge: Iron Shinkiba I Bichos 100 Young Stalker
Hunting Challenge: Iron Shinkiba II Bichos 500 Young Stalker
Hunting Challenge: Iron Shinkiba III Bichos 1.000 Young Stalker
Hunting Challenge: Iron Shinkiba IV Bichos 5.000 Young Stalker
Hunting Challenge: Iron Shinkiba V Bichos 10.000 Young Stalker
The Daily Hunter Category 1: Shinkiba Bichos 90 Young Stalker
Hunting Challenge: Bronze Shinkiba Bichos 10.000 Old Stalker
Hunt young and mature at Swamp Camp Bichos Young Mature
Shinkiba inventory Bichos 100 Young Stalker

Locais Edit

Nome Local Lat Lon DNA Número Maturidade Obs.
at Amethera OUTBACK LAND #65 OLA #65 378 467 Alta

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