Descrição Edit

==The Imperial Geology Institute of Earth want you to help map the Blausariam deposits of the colony planet Calypso. In this first stage you will need to find deposits worth 100 points. Points are awarded based on the deposit size as follows:==

Tamanho Pontos
Minimal 5% de chance de obter 1
Tiny 25% de chance de obter 1
Very Poor 1
Poor 2
Small 3
Modest 5
Average 6
Medium 8
Ample 12
Considerable 18
Sizeable 25
Large 35
Abundant 50
Great 75
Substantial 125
Significant 200
Plentiful 300
Huge 450
Extremely Large 650
Massive 800
Vast 1.200
Enormous 2.500
Rich 5.000
Gigantic 25.000
Mammoth and up 60.000

Histórico Edit

Requisitos Missão Anterior Missão Seguinte
Nenhum Nenhuma Blausariam Mining Challenge Stage II

Local de InícioEdit

Nome Lat Lon

TP + próximo

Mining Guild Representative 61780 88018 Cape Corinth

Recompensa Edit

Escolher entre:

Skill Valor
Prospecting 0,30
Mining 0,30

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